A Wreck That I Didn’t Cause

It has been a while since I’ve seen the Pleasanton chiropractor, but I had to visit him last month because of a little mishap that happened in the parking lot of a shopping center. I had just parked my car and was getting ready to get out and go into the store when another car hit the back of my car and damaged it. The car was hit so badly that the trunk was crushed shut. I had access to the trunk through my back seat, so I was still able to get things from it, but I couldn’t use the keys to open it. I exchanged insurance information with the driver that hit me and then headed home. Continue reading “A Wreck That I Didn’t Cause” »

I Had to Find a Good Chiropractor

Of course I have a small idea of how to figure out if a chiropractor is good at what he does, but no more than that. I have been having some significant back pain for a few months now and after a bit I figured out that there was not much the doctors could do about it really. They can give you pain pills, but those scare me because I know a few people who have become abusers of those things. Eventually I started to look for a chiropractor and after a bit decided on a University Place chiropractor who came with an endorsement from one of the guys that I golf with. He called me up to ask me why I had not been out on the course for awhile and I told him that my back was giving me too much trouble for golfing. I was sure that swinging a club off the tee box would have put me in an ambulance.

If he had not told me where to go, then I would still be looking. Continue reading “I Had to Find a Good Chiropractor” »

It Did Me No Good to Try to Handle Moving on My Own

I had no idea I’d soon be visiting a San Francisco chiropractor after having just moved to live there about 2 weeks earlier. I did all the moving myself without help and I was rather proud of that, but being proud does not help much when you hurt your back doing all that heavy lifting and moving. I had to start a new job just days after I had everything moved in, and it was sheer torture to sit in my new office every day without moaning out loud in pain. I also knew that I was not smiling as much and wasn’t being as friendly as I needed to be because I felt so horrible. Continue reading “It Did Me No Good to Try to Handle Moving on My Own” »

My Relatives Needed a Chiropractor Too

Several of my aunts and uncles have back problems, and I was really hoping that it was not something I was going to have as well. It was not a good sign when I started having back pain when I was barely in my 30s, and it did scare me because I saw how hard it was on all of them. I did not want to go the surgery route, because all three of them had it and it simply did not help them. Instead, I went online and looked at different Oceanside chiropractors. My goal was to find one that would be able to help me without having to undergo any surgical procedures.

I knew that none of them had seen a chiropractor, but I also knew that they should have. They just went along with doctors’ advice and went for the surgery instead of considering all of their options. Continue reading “My Relatives Needed a Chiropractor Too” »

Getting Relief from a Broken Arm

I broke my arm several years ago. I went to therapy for months, and I did the exercises at home like I was supposed to. However, I started easing off them once I started feeling better and could use my arm once again. I had no idea that this was a problem that was going to come back because I did not do my part in maintaining the exercises even after healing was accomplished. I was in a lot of pain not too much later, and I resumed my exercises but I also looked up Pleasanton chiropractors.

When I was in physical therapy, I heard a lot of other people who were also rehabilitating a part of their bodies talk about their chiropractors too. Continue reading “Getting Relief from a Broken Arm” »

I Took a Risk That Worked out Well for Me

People always said that I had a pretty face, but that was lost on me. What bothered me is that I was flat chested. I always felt like that was the first thing people noticed about me, even if they said I was pretty. It was a complete accident that I stumbled across www.breastenlargementresource.com/naturaful one day when I was just messing around on the Internet. I was in a forum that I had never been on before, and there were ads on the right side of the page. I clicked one and came across that site. Things changed for me soon after that.

I do not make a lot of money that I can spend easily without finding myself in trouble with bills. I have to save in order to buy a lot of things that I need, so getting surgery to get a bigger chest is not something that I can do. Continue reading “I Took a Risk That Worked out Well for Me” »

I Hurt My Back on a Christmas Gift

Last Christmas, I was so excited to be able to buy the gun safe that my husband had been looking at. It is quite heavy, but I figured that I would still be able to handle moving it on my own. That was definitely the wrong decision because I ended up hurting my back something awful. I thought I had followed all the proper procedures for moving something heavy, but I guess I didn’t. I knew that I was going to have to find a Beverly Hills chiropractor who would be able to see me quickly.

I did not want to go through the entire holiday season with a sore back, especially with some family members coming in. This happened about 18 days before they were due to arrive, and I was able to go see a chiropractor nine times before they arrived. I am so grateful for that for a number of reasons. Continue reading “I Hurt My Back on a Christmas Gift” »

I Found Pain Instead of Treasure

In my old age, I try to find things that will keep me busy. It can get pretty boring sitting at home and watching television all day. The television actually gave me the idea for my latest hobby. There was a commercial about metal detectors. The commercial made using one of the devices look fun by having people find buried coins and other valuable objects. When I bought my own metal detector, I imagined that I would be finding some hidden jewels, but didn’t imagine that I would need a chiropractor in Cumming GA.

I figured the best place for my first treasure hunt was in my own backyard. I owned the property, so I didn’t have to worry about anyone else telling me to leave. I have no idea what was on the land before my home was built. It could have been anything, from native tribes, to wealthy settlers. I walked around my yard with the detector in hand, looking for anything that would produce a signal. Continue reading “I Found Pain Instead of Treasure” »

I Was Grateful to Feel Good Again Within Just Hours After Waking Up

I was new in my city, when I woke up in the middle of the night with severe tooth and jaw pain. I had been ignoring a cavity that I knew that I knew that I had for far too long. I guess I was just being lazy. I was good at that, and now I was paying the price. I got out of bed that night and began looking for a dentist in Livermore that could see me as soon as they opened a few hours later. I really hoped that I would be able to find someone who could help me rather quickly.

Not knowing anyone in the city that I moved to was a small obstacle, but it was not too much of a big deal. Continue reading “I Was Grateful to Feel Good Again Within Just Hours After Waking Up” »

Finally Back on the Job

I was lucky that it was not any worse really. In fact when I woke up in the hospital I was completely out of my head. The nurse said that I had been flirting with her while I was stoned on the stuff that they used to sedate me and she thought that I was funny at the time. Of course she was really cute and I tried to get her number when I figured out where I was. They fixed my left leg and my face, which had a fracture. A San Jose chiropractor had to work on me a few days after I got out of the hospital a couple of weeks after the accident. Apparently when I was getting tossed around like a bumper car in that intersection it messed up the alignment of my vertebra. Continue reading “Finally Back on the Job” »

It Look Much Easier on Television

Whenever I watch the Olympics, I get new ideas for hobbies. During the last Olympics, I became fascinated by the archery events and bought a bow and some arrows. The Olympics before that, I love the table tennis events so much that I bought a table, some paddles, and ping pong balls. This time, the Judo events looked interesting, so I signed up for Judo classes. Things were going well in the class until I was practicing a throw with one of the other students and injured myself. I took a trip to a Chicago chiropractor, even though I wanted to heal on my own.

I don’t really like to go to a doctor or any kind of medical professional, because I’m always afraid that they’ll say I have some serious condition that will require immediate attention or surgery. I’m even afraid to go to the dentist because I’m afraid that they’ll start drilling around for cavities. I let my fears go and still visit these professionals, but I don’t do it as often as I should. Before I even set foot into the chiropractor’s office, the idea of having to get back surgery was swimming around in my head, and sending a tingle down my spine.

The chiropractor gave me an examination, and determined that I had nothing more than a pulled muscle. He said I would have to stop doing Judo for a while until my back fully healed, but after that, I would be fine. That bit of news was like a wave of relief washing over me. I wanted to jump for joy in the middle of the chiropractor’s office, but my back was in so much pain that I couldn’t. The chiropractor also gave me a prescription for some medicine that would ease the pain while I recovered.