I Hurt My Back on a Christmas Gift

Last Christmas, I was so excited to be able to buy the gun safe that my husband had been looking at. It is quite heavy, but I figured that I would still be able to handle moving it on my own. That was definitely the wrong decision because I ended up hurting my back something awful. I thought I had followed all the proper procedures for moving something heavy, but I guess I didn’t. I knew that I was going to have to find a Beverly Hills chiropractor who would be able to see me quickly.

I did not want to go through the entire holiday season with a sore back, especially with some family members coming in. This happened about 18 days before they were due to arrive, and I was able to go see a chiropractor nine times before they arrived. I am so grateful for that for a number of reasons. Continue reading “I Hurt My Back on a Christmas Gift” »

I Found Pain Instead of Treasure

In my old age, I try to find things that will keep me busy. It can get pretty boring sitting at home and watching television all day. The television actually gave me the idea for my latest hobby. There was a commercial about metal detectors. The commercial made using one of the devices look fun by having people find buried coins and other valuable objects. When I bought my own metal detector, I imagined that I would be finding some hidden jewels, but didn’t imagine that I would need a chiropractor in Cumming GA.

I figured the best place for my first treasure hunt was in my own backyard. I owned the property, so I didn’t have to worry about anyone else telling me to leave. I have no idea what was on the land before my home was built. It could have been anything, from native tribes, to wealthy settlers. I walked around my yard with the detector in hand, looking for anything that would produce a signal. Continue reading “I Found Pain Instead of Treasure” »

I Was Grateful to Feel Good Again Within Just Hours After Waking Up

I was new in my city, when I woke up in the middle of the night with severe tooth and jaw pain. I had been ignoring a cavity that I knew that I knew that I had for far too long. I guess I was just being lazy. I was good at that, and now I was paying the price. I got out of bed that night and began looking for a dentist in Livermore that could see me as soon as they opened a few hours later. I really hoped that I would be able to find someone who could help me rather quickly.

Not knowing anyone in the city that I moved to was a small obstacle, but it was not too much of a big deal. Continue reading “I Was Grateful to Feel Good Again Within Just Hours After Waking Up” »

Finally Back on the Job

I was lucky that it was not any worse really. In fact when I woke up in the hospital I was completely out of my head. The nurse said that I had been flirting with her while I was stoned on the stuff that they used to sedate me and she thought that I was funny at the time. Of course she was really cute and I tried to get her number when I figured out where I was. They fixed my left leg and my face, which had a fracture. A San Jose chiropractor had to work on me a few days after I got out of the hospital a couple of weeks after the accident. Apparently when I was getting tossed around like a bumper car in that intersection it messed up the alignment of my vertebra. Continue reading “Finally Back on the Job” »

It Look Much Easier on Television

Whenever I watch the Olympics, I get new ideas for hobbies. During the last Olympics, I became fascinated by the archery events and bought a bow and some arrows. The Olympics before that, I love the table tennis events so much that I bought a table, some paddles, and ping pong balls. This time, the Judo events looked interesting, so I signed up for Judo classes. Things were going well in the class until I was practicing a throw with one of the other students and injured myself. I took a trip to a Chicago chiropractor, even though I wanted to heal on my own.

I don’t really like to go to a doctor or any kind of medical professional, because I’m always afraid that they’ll say I have some serious condition that will require immediate attention or surgery. I’m even afraid to go to the dentist because I’m afraid that they’ll start drilling around for cavities. I let my fears go and still visit these professionals, but I don’t do it as often as I should. Before I even set foot into the chiropractor’s office, the idea of having to get back surgery was swimming around in my head, and sending a tingle down my spine.

The chiropractor gave me an examination, and determined that I had nothing more than a pulled muscle. He said I would have to stop doing Judo for a while until my back fully healed, but after that, I would be fine. That bit of news was like a wave of relief washing over me. I wanted to jump for joy in the middle of the chiropractor’s office, but my back was in so much pain that I couldn’t. The chiropractor also gave me a prescription for some medicine that would ease the pain while I recovered.

I Once Again Feel Beautiful

I used to have really nice skin. I still do, but my skin years ago was all natural. I first noticed that it was starting to not look good three years ago. I was 32, working a stressful job, and taking care of my family. It makes sense that wrinkles would start to appear and that my skin would lose some of its shine. I thought that I was just stuck with that. I did try to cover it up with makeup, but I didn’t want to have to do that every time I went out. Collaskin changed that for me.

I was complaining to my best friend about it, and that is when she told me about a product she was thinking of trying too. Continue reading “I Once Again Feel Beautiful” »

Essential Fitness Advice

Essential Fitness Advice

Fitness is fit yourself for time As 4th dimension time is now one of the living factor may be a latest dimension of our daily life. So we have to be fit in each moment but how? Here it is in old generation in absence of computer we had huge time to keep us fit by regular morning walk, good food habit and regular playing. but not we have no time to follow that even if you try environmentally it is wastage of time because we are surrounded by various pollution, bad sanitation etc that is another article in the morning walk for 20-30 min within your common space , 10 min stair up and down,10 min backward walk (normally we do not walk backwardly ) it will safe you from change of any climate . after that walk take breakfast which should be home made . Do not exercise after taking any food whatever light it is.

Do some Pranayama (a part of yoga) for 10 min. Before take bath do some exercise with messaging your entire body . this will generate some heat to feel comfort to take bath. While going for office try to walk at least one kilometer it will keep you fit to travel and you will work happily.

In the office break time play some indoor game like carom, chess etc chess increase your memory power. Fitness not always need practices it depend on your mind also keep avoid from unnecessary topics always chat with friend in terms of jokes so that you can long enough. After returning home take light food with green tea and go for indoor game like badminton , table tennis etc. back home and take your dinner .

After dinner watches sports channel and enjoy some movies of your choice go out during breaks in the television program continue watching television is harmful to keep fit your body. before going for sleep do some pray to your god in the form of Pranayarna.

By the practice you are not giving any extra time to keep you fit but it will always boost your energy with additional fitness by doing pranayama you will be mentally down to earth man or woman with strong will force. Fitness can be achieved without heavy exercise but of course food habits should be ironically controlled .Avoid any junk food excessive oil ,fat etc This is the 4th generation prescription of fitness without concentrate on fitness which always keep you fit casually .

Health tips for women

Health tips for women

The best solution as finding a balance between personal and professional life with fitness for tips for working. ¬†And that’s why we are here as today, we share in top 20 fitness tips for working women. first, Stay active throughout the day ,like stand up during work or meting time, if you do not have much work to do. Take a short break during work and do a short walk in morning, the short walk makes us whole day active.

Second, Eat a healthy and good breakfast, eat fruits because in fruits having vitamin and glucose, those women dose not eat proper breakfast they feel whole day tried.

Third, Drink a lot of water, lot of water is very essential for us because our body is composed of about 60 percent. Water cab help control calories, water helps energize muscle, Water helps to keep skin good looking. Water helps to purify our kidneys.

Forth, Never do over work, because it will make us tried and exhausted and also make us feeling that not to do anything works.

Fifth, make your body flexible, because it has major advantage like its make our blood circulation proper, release back pain, increased range of motionless stress.

Sixth, never focus on your weight because if you focus on losing weight, And suddenly you loss much weight and your body become thin, so only focus on making healthy body.

Seventh, Be happy and don’t take any tension because if you take so much tension on your face the winkle will come, its also benefit for us like happiness improve our ability to solve problems. Happiness counteracts negative feeling.

Eight, Does not spend much time to watch TV, on mobile phone, laptop, computer because it also reduce eye sight. Make headache, also causing heart problems.

Ninth, daily goes to hospital for checkup because some women having cholesterol problem it may affect your health.

Tenth, sun safely, some sun ray cause skin cancer, if you go outside it better to use sunscreen.

Eleven, Bone up your calcium, this bone up calcium is must necessary for women because women are great risk than men, Men has strong bone than women, so it important for women to get lot of calcium.

Twelve, Don’t eat too much protein because it harmful for women. if they eat too much protein they loss there calcium.

Thirteen, Get a good night sleep, some women does take a proper sleep.lt also hinder women memory. fourteen Breath in fresh air because fresh air is good for digestion, improves our blood pressure and heart rate, it makes to feel happy, strengthens our immune system, fresh air clean our lungs. Fifteen ,increase muscles mass ,as women grow older an older, day by day muscles become weak. lifting light dumbbell, it is also best for fitness.